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[Ah' tee' loose] is Attila Bendeguz

Create a durable water reel that makes watering the garden and retracting the hose easy with a simple push of a button.

The challenge.


Water Management System

By pushing the top button of the hose reel, the hose effortlessly retracts.


Push and go.


No kinky business.


A thorough search was done to find the best kink-free hose that would make the retraction of the hose easy and smooth.


I implemented an ergonomic study to the accessories and designed the hand remote to have a confortable fit on the hand. Keeping in mind the design language of the overall product.




I designed the hand remote in a way that would work as a "one hand operation" handle so you can use your other hand to hold your ice tea!.


Getting a grip.


I implemented appropriate ergonomics to the remote control handle, making it easy to aim by controlling the angle of inclination of the tip of the nozzle.




A research on the most popular water fitting modes was done to provide the user with the best choices when it comes to water adjustment.


The perfect splash.


To develop the hand remote control, I took in consideration the internal architectural arrangement that the team of engineers had prepared for me and I designed around the parameters.



Making things happen.


Concept development.



I developed different concepts keeping in mind the internal component arrangement.





I developed different concepts with variations on side impact protection in the event of a drop, which is common when watering.


I added to remote control design extra material or overmold that would damper from a drop and plastic ribbing to protect from the hose been drag.


Drag & drop.



I created visual references for the engineers to refer to the many different textures, materials and colors to create a product that would keep consistency with the design intent.

Staying consistent.



Visual aid.



I presented the client 3D renderings to show the many different concepts variations for a clear understanding of the design intent.

Good flow.



I presented to the client different concepts for the flow control of the water hose connector. Implementing in the design clear feature indicators, icons and consistent form factor.


Design variations.


Alternative design.


I presented a variation of the flow control having a lever for the water flow control instead of a built-in grip flow control.


I implemented the company design language to an OEM design adding color, branding and visual elements that would create design consistency.


Sprinkler system.


I created a series of 2D renderings to explore different looks for the legs of the original hose reel that would make the overall design a bit more exiting in terms of aesthetics.


Nice legs.

Aesthetic approach.


I created a series of color reference combinations that would visually help defining the element inside the hose reel.


Color reference.

Making things easier.


I created a series of 2D renderings to explore different looks of the battery housing that fitted the spherical design language of the water hose.


Attention to details.

Aesthetic approach.


I created a series of sketches to explore different looks of the battery housing that fitted RoboReel design language.



Developing an idea.


The simple push of a button can be a great experience when you choose the right button. I research different types of buttons, from high end gel filled buttons to membrane molded buttons.


A push of a button.

Good differentials.


When it comes to looking at small text or features, we have to keep in mind people's ages, this translate to vision sometimes. Making things easy to read not only text but tactile elements helps create a good product interaction. I created different grips and high contrast text that would make the interaction of the hose accessory easy to manipulate.


Detail oriented.

Making a good product.



Keeping it simple.


I created different concepts for packaging the accessory nozzles using packaging techniques that would keep a clean look of the product and at the same time, reducing cost for packaging when it comes to point of purchase or kiosk inventory.


I created a series of colors and in-mold decoration looks for the client by researching the most common outdoor environments where the hose reel could be placed. I researched the most popular and trendy garden furniture, outdoor accessories, to incorporate the look into the hose reel, making it blend into the environment, more than just a foreign element.


Many flavors.

In-mold decorations.



in stilletos.


Product & brand licensing exercise.


...I think this is the end of this case study, I hope you liked it!



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