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[Ah' tee' loose] is Attila Bendeguz

Create a cord reel that can be mounted on any angled surface and level itself without adjusting it.

The challenge.


Ceiling Mount Power Cord System

A one-hand operation design allows the reel to be easily mounted. First, a bracket with slides is mounted and second, the reel slides and locks in place.



Easy installation.


Self leveling.

The reel is designed so that the weight of the unit itself levels and adjusts to any angle.



All materials used in the design of the reel were meticulously picked for wear and tear.


Cost Vs. Aesthetics.

Know your processes.


The goal for the bracket design was to design a sheet metal part that would look appealing and at the same time help reduce cost.


I took in consideration the brand of the product and it introduction in the market place, focusing on visual identity throughout the product itself. I created different concepts showing the product name on areas that would be visually available and can be easily recognized.


Visual brand.

Good attention span.


A new market was created for the reel where a combination of aesthetics, functionality, innovation and lifestyle would define its own audience.


Market placement.

Strong user focus.


I took in consideration the company's philosophy, creating a product that would be easy to set up, with materials that would make it durable, simple usability and great aesthetics.



In a few words.


Every surface of the receptacle ball was assigned by the durometer of the material, texture and color selection for an appropriate documentation.



Protection & durability.


The receptacle ball of the reel was developed by a series of sketches that would add aesthetics and functionality to the already existing architectural internal arrangement.



Creating a winner.



Solving the problem.


One of the elements of the problem was to design a receptacle ball that would protect and damper the internal parts from impact by dropping the ball. At the same time make it durable from dragging on the floor. Designing a replaceable ring that would wear out and could be easily replaced, keeping the integrity of the receptacle was the solution.


Different elements where needed to create the perfect receptacle, a good fit on the hand, protection from dragging the receptacle and dampening from dropping the receptacle.



Finding a good fit.


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I took in consideration every detail of the product. The ball that stops the cord from going all the way in was design as a two part clamp that can be easily attached to the cord and also has an interesting design that protects the cord from dragging.


Attention to details.

The ball stopper.


...I think this is the end of this case study, I hope you liked it!


Here are some more case studies for you!


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